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Using version 5.1.6, is there a way to resize a schematic to make better use of the available page size? Specifically, I have a small schematic that almost looks like a postage stamp on the page. Can I enlarge the diagram to make a printout easier to read? Thank you in advance.

Well, you can zoom on your monitor with the scroll wheel.

Finger gestures still do not seem to work well on dead tree carcasses.

Currently the solution is to use a smaller schematic paper layout to better fit your small schematic, and then print with stretch to fit.
You can adjust paper size with:
Eeschema / File / Page Settings … /
and then select a custom paper size and you can endter values for Hight and Width.

For more elaborate adjustments you can create a custom sheet layout with “Page Layout Editor” from a button in KiCad’s project manager window.

I often change to A5 paper size from the dialog shown above for small schematics. When printing if you specify A4 printer the diagram will be enlarged to fit.

Yep, almost suggested A5, but that pre-defined paper format seems to be missing on my setup. A4 is the smallest in the dropdown list.
So, if your setup has an A5 paper format, that will probably get the job done.

You can also browse to an already define paper layout (in *.wks format).
There are some extra paper layout files in:
/usr / share / kicad / template /

I used it so often that I memorised the dimensions. :smiley: In the end I put in an enhancement request for A5 to be added to the presets for a future release.

So if you’ll be kind enough to attach your A5 format, then dsmith can use it also, until it trickles through KiCad’s versioning and update cycle.

I do wonder though why the other page layout description files in KiCad’s paper size drop-down list are not listed. It would seem logical to list all available files from that directory in the drop-down list.

I don’t have a template. I just enter the numbers manually. A4 is 210x297 so A5 is 148x210. Swap for landscape of course.

A fix for predefined paper format for A5 was apparently merged in on 2020-07-20.

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