Reset text fields to their default position (and alignment)


is there a way to reset the positions of the text fields of a component to their relativ default position (defined by the library)?

I substituded the Resistor from KiCAD by the converted one from eagle but the R in KiCAD is painted vertically whereas the R in Eagle is painted horizontally (in library) so that the text labes are totally messed up.
As the text label’s positions are stored in absolute positions in the .sch file, there’s no easy way to do this by search and replace with a text editor.

Thanks for your help!

No one having a clue?

Nope, I don’t. There is an option for that in pcbnew, but as eeschema is awaiting it’s rework to be more like pcbnew you might actually just need to wait a couple of months to get this there too.

Ok, thanks for the info. So atm there’s no way to do this.

But I agree, that if a redesign is running atm, it makes no sense implementing features in the old system.

If I’m very desperate, maybe I will write a little script for this task - but it seems rather complex as in eeschema the code is already present and gets executed, when a new part gets placed at a specific position in a specified rotation. (Then the labels get places according to the lib.)