Rescue old component

I’m not sure which one to choose. should I check or uncheck Accept?

I guess that depends, do you want to keep the current schematic as it is, or do you want to change it to adapt to new and changed symbols? Bearing in mind that changing might involve searching for a compatible symbol, redrawing the wires, annotation, re-gen netlist, maybe assign a new footprint, reload into pcbnew, check and adjust layout, regen gerbers.

Personally, I make a note of the mismatches, and change/rescue them on a case by case basis. e,g, simple symbols like power or GND I change to new symbol. Before doing anything though, I backup the project.

If I want to keep the current schematic, should I check the ‘accept’ box?

Yes, make sure all the Accept boxes are ticked (I think they default to ticked), and click OK. That will create “rescue” components and preserve the current schematic.

The wording of that dialog was very confusing…obviously written from a developer POV not a user POV.


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