Rescue file: for what is it necessary?



Please somebody explain me for what is there a rescue file and why when opening some project it always tells me that the rescue file is not there.

I have no problem with my recent *.pro file.

I deleted the rescue file when I copied my folder and renamed it in order to change something in the circuit. Of Course I renamed all other files in order no to have to do the same job again with all files.

Thanks and regards Rainer


The rescue file is there to hold symbols in their originally added state if the symbol has been changed in the library.
This library is created by the rescue dialog that pops up if eeschema detects a missmatch between any symbol in the schematic from the libraries it has access to.
(This is necessary because the schematic file format does not store any information about the symbols.)


Thank you Rene,

Now that you mentioned it it happened after I upgraded to the last version. I had some connectors which were not filled and now the latest ones are filled in yellow color.