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I’m using KiCad (current version 5.1.6) for only about 6 months. I have a question, which I considered to find an answer easily … I cannot find it.

In the ‘generate drill’ interface, one can choose to generate a drill file (obviously required) and to generate a map file. I wondered for what this map file with postscript format is meant to be used?

(This is information is not written in the documentation and cannot be found in the forum either.)

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You probably won’t need it. If the manufacturer or someone else needs it, they will ask for it.

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Thank you, but what is it used for?


This has some information:

So it is a drill file in postscript format? Looking at contents of such a file, it seemed more like a drawing file for a plotter.
I guess that it depends on the machines of the manufacturer they need this, if the Excellon format is not ok.

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just to add some food for thought on the map file…

if you use the online hobby PCB boards it is redundant, but if you are going for more high end design with a specific stackup there is one benefit - check against datapack and design.

When you are dealing with such fabricators the additional information you provide (copper weight, finish, core material) would typically be provided in supporting document. By including the map in this a decent fabricator will cross check the count per drill in the map against what their tools (reading the GERBERS/ODB++) states. If there is a mismatch its usually because something is out of date.

A nice little sanity check for more expensive fabrication requests.

I prefer this file to be in PDF, instead of PS, when you open it, you will get the overview of the drilling needed in your board, this is very useful to crosscheck.

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