[Request] Outline mode while routing tracks


Is it possible to keep “show tracks in outline mode” while routing a track? Once routing starts, pcbnew automatically reverts back to “show tracks in fill mode”, and when routing mode is ended, it automatically reverts to “show tracks in outline mode” which is the mode being selected already. I mean as long as I am in outline mode, I would rather stay there even while routing, or give the user an option in the settings to select whether to stay in outline mode while routing or revert into fill mode.

I just created an issue on gitlab, interested members, kindly support this request. I have already posted a similar thread, but appears to be closed.

This feature is not available in the latest version of Kicad tool.

Is this because the new track obscures the underlying structures? Have you tried reducing the opacity of the track?

Basically, you are right, but there is an unseen issue here:

If you set “show tracks in outline mode” you will have difficulties seeing the tracks with low opacity setting, especially for users with low brightness settings (those who work at night), try it please :slight_smile:

If you layout a track in outline mode (and stays in outline mode while routing, it will provide bonus visibility, if the track switches to fill mode, visibility of other objects beneath the track being laid out is lost. In some cases it is necessary to see what’s beneath the track.

I wish this feature can be enabled in 5.99/6.0, I am not aware of how difficult it is to code this change, let’s hope it doesn’t introduce a huge overhead on the dev team in case they decided it is worth it.

Below is outline mode with highest opacity setting:

Now with the lowest opacity setting, you can no longer see the top layer track:


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