Repository for user footprints

In my current project I am using a TF Card “socket” (aka micro SD). After some searching through digikey I decided to use the ubiquitous ebay socket. I like the 4 solder pads for holding it to the board and I think I can actually hand solder the connection pins.

Anyway I found the mfg drawing and made a footprint (using a recent v5.99). I then emailed the mfg and they kindly sent me a 3D iges file!

So I’ve collected this information and would be happy to provide it to anyone to wants it.

Is there currently a location for user / hobbyist data?


Perhaps, the best thing to do is to contribute to the official repository: .

The 3d model will not be accepted as we do not accept third party contributions for legal reasons (only the original owner can change the license of an asset)

The footprint can be contributed but must follow the library convention. At this point in time an additional requirement is that any contribution must be made with a recent nightly build and must use the new features if applicable (example is the use of true keepout areas instead of relying on a workaround)

Also isn’t there like a 6 month backlog for pull request approvals?

I think your best option is just to throw it in a public github repository with an easily searchable name.

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Thanks for all the input. I understand the licensing for 3D files. Makes perfect sense. I will make the footprint available after I’ve received my boards and verify the functionality as I’ve tweaked the footprint to make it a little easier to hand solder.


The “official” libraries also have some footprints optimised for handsoldering, which have the postfix “_Handsoldering” and also have the keyword “Handsoldering” in the footprint.

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