Report.txt file is not ascii


When importing the netlist from the schematic into the layout, the report created can be saved to the file report.txt, except that file is not a standard ascii file. Does anyone know why the format isn’t the same as all the other kicad schematic and layout files? I can’t read it properly in my standard editor Vim, though maybe there is a simple fix. Has anyone already requested this file format change? I’ve also noticed that this file is often cut off before the end of the report.



What version of KiCad are you using?


I’ve been using 5.0 on Windows for a while, but it’s possible that the cut off file is something from 4.07.


The report file appears to use Unicode characters for the quote symbols, that is probably a bug.

I haven’t seen any files being cut off, but possibly a unicode sequence could be interpreted as end of file character.