Replicate Layout thinks I have an exotic connectivity

Hi everyone,
I just found out about the “Replacate Layout” plugin and I think its awesome. But for some reason I get this error message:
I am a bit lost and cannot find any details information about what the plugin is complaining.
The setup is fairly easy. I have one sheet that I use two times in another sheet, which itself is again used in the “main” sheet (I wanted to add a screenshot, but I am not allowed to add more than 1 image…).
I want to replicate the Ultrasonic1 to Ultrasonic2.
Although he is complaining, he is replicating the position of the components, but tracks are not replicated.
What am I doing wrong?
I am using KiCad 6.0.11 and you can download the project I am working on here: GitHub - FabianSchwartau/OBSPro: Version of the OpenBikeSensor hardware optimized for PCBA


I had a short look at your project and opened it in KiCad V7.
I drew a few short tracks, and then used the Replicate Layout plugin to replicate them to the other Ultrasonic thingie.

So for me it “just worked”.

This might be a bug introduced recently. Recently it was found that with exotic connectivity, the plugin can produce incorrect design (DRC will find it). More info at Github Issue.

So I’ve added connectivity checks. But this code might be a bit too trigger happy.

If you can post the actual design that you’ve ran the plugin with along with replicate_layout.log file this might help me find the issue. But please I’d rather continue the discussion on the GitHub issue page