Replicate Layout Plugin on v5.99 / Nightly

Has anyone gotten the Replicate Layout plugin (from KiCad Action Plugins) working on v5.99 / nightly?

When I try it, I get the following error. This is on Win 10.


I am sorry, but my plugins currently support only 5.1.x branch. The issue you encountered has already been reported (#102 and #106)

I’ll probably start with migration of the plugins when V6 comes out (or if planets align, slightly before that). Besides the bug you encountered, there are deeper issues as the plugin parses the schematics files, which have changed format. And if V6 comes with eeschema python API, I’d rather use this then rolling my own schematics file parser.

Additionally if V6 comes with plugin manager (I think Qu1ck is working on this) I’ll put the plugin into format that this manager will require (I assume one plugin per one repository)

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Sadly it has been postponed to v7.

(EDIT to those who read this later: the situation was unclear, but now it looks like that the API is coming a bit late but still for v6.)

Thanks for the info and an issue number. It was to be expected though.

Thanks for the reply, totally understood. V6 seems like a significantly changed beast. Thanks for providing the plugin and all the work you put into it! I’ve reverted to 5.1.x for now, as your replicate layout plugin saves me immense amounts of time. When v6 starts getting rolling, I’ll test out the plugin and try to report any bugs.

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