Replicate layout: not replicating

Hi all,
I’m laying out a board, but my Replicate Layout plugin no longer works. It basically just does nothing. I have a feeling this can be related to switching to Python 3 vs 2.7 on my Mac. I’m using Kicad 5.1.2-1 on macOS Big Sur (11.2.3). Enclosed is my replicate_layout.log file and according to that, the plugin works fine (but it still does nothing). The items to replicate are in a Hierical sheet - the same sheet for all 8 stepper motors. Enclosed is a picture of the section I want to replicate as well as a non-replicated section.

I’m hoping this is something others have bumped into, but not posted about as I could not find anything searching the forum.

replicate_layout.log (5.9 KB)

It shouldn’t be. As you can see in the log file, KiCad uses python2 there (because it has its own python interpreter on Mac).

It’s difficult to say anything definitive based on the log, but there’s some problem in “04-13 11:05:05 replicate_layout.replicatelayout 994:Starting replication of sheets: [] on level: []”

The lists of sheets and levels are empty.

Before saying this could be a bug in the plugin, can you update your KiCad installation and the plugin? KiCad version is quite old.

KiCad 5.1.2 is a very old version and KiCad on macOS still uses a bundled Python 2.7 ( you can check this by pulling up a Python console in pcbnew and it will show you it’s running Python 2.7)

@eelik types faster than me :grinning:

The plugin is the latest from, fetched today. I have also updated to Kicad to latest release (5.1.9-0-10-14). All remains the same. No replication occurs. replicate_layout.log (6.8 KB)

What @eelik points out looks relevant. What would cause the list of sheets to be empty?

IT might be a GUI issue. Which sheets did you select to replicate?

@MitjaN Not sure what you mean? As far as I know, you do not select a sheet using this plugin. You select a single component in Pcbnew that is part of the layout you want to replicate. The plugin will then look up what sheet this component belongs to and use that to lay out all other items that use the same sheet.

Isn’t this correct?

You should be able to select which sheets you propagate the changes to. That way you can have part of the identical sheets have the same layout while others can have different layout.

I don’t have the plugin at hand, but there should be a list of sheets (with the corresponding anchor component reference designators) in the UI.

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This is the GUI that I see. But depending on the OS, plugin window might be resized so that you can’t see the selection boxes

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Yeah. That’s the problem! This is how it looks for me. Nothing in that second textbox

That was the problem. Works great now. I simply forgot to click the sheet I was replicating. It sort of looked selected since there only was one. Once I clicked it, all the other sheets showed up as they should… Thanks all!


Hmmm… sounds like a small UI shortcoming there. An opportunity for an easy fix, I would think.


Thanks for spotting and reporting this. Issue opened on GitHub


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