Replacement electrical part

Can anyone help me find a similar part to this MPN: LTC3119EUFD#TRPBF. It is available on digikey but i need it on JLCPCB because I need it assembled. Any help would be appreciated or pointers towards finding another one. Thank you in advance

The part is needed to step up a 11.1V output from a battery to a 12V output. I need the ouput current to be at least about 5A since i will be connecting a jetson xavier nx to it.

Spamming the KiCAD Forum due to supply chain desperation?

Not good. And completely Off Topic.

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@_Victory you might have better luck in the EEVblog forum. EEVblog Electronics Community Forum - Index


He already went there. Now as “ovaifuwa” Sigh.
@_albin: sending people with supply chain problems on to another technical forum… Hmm.

Well, at least that forum is much more general than this one. :slightly_smiling_face:

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OP should be glad the thread hasn’t been arbitrarily deleted already.

Might get closed before it gets ugly? :wink:

These days, most power conversion ICs are proprietary; not “second sourced”. I have not checked that one specifically. So if you want to change ICs you probably need to re-design. I do not know how many boards you are building. But I would see if JLCPCB can build the board “short” and then get the chip put on by someone who can get the chip. Of course you generally want to populate ICs before you populate (for example) a big capacitor or inductor that is next to it.

I think that it would be better if the OP question had been framed differently. My take on the problem is that it ends up being more one of business and purchasing than of engineering. If you need a specific IC that is not available, all the $$$ in the world will not help. But in this case there may be a logistic solution.

As of this writing, DigiKey has 7564 pcs in stock …

I can’t remember which board maker it was but I know I’ve read you had the options of sending them parts. If they won’t even bother to source them?

Applies to JLCPCB as well, AFAIK.

@_Victory JLCPCB I believe has a rep that visits this site. I don’t remember his username. Anyone recall off hand? OP can maybe PM him and get this worked out.

@hermit @_Victory atomman? Was active re Gerber.

Try @atommann perhaps? And the obligatory extra characters …

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