Replace multiple symbol components of a style with another

How can we replace on a schematic multiple components of symbol style with another style at once in bulks operation ?
it arose as so many R in rectangula style on a schematic must be replaced with the readily available zigzag R symbol ones in exact same geometry dimensions

Please help out

This probably not a good answer, but under Tools > Edit Symbol Library References, components sharing the same reference are grouped. So you say could change R_Small to R_Small_US. Then you have to go to Edit > Update Fields from Library, choosing to update only the reference. For this to work the replacement symbol has to have the same pin coordinates, otherwise connections will be broken and you’ll have to fix up the wires.

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In your resistor example, you could have made a local project symbol. Then change style with the symbol editor. I don’t think it would be a good idea to edit global symbol.

There is no editing of a global symbol involved in my method, you are editing the schematic, not the library. Just as if you had gone and changed them one by one. And anyway the standard library is usually write-protected.

So you want to make something like this:


Apart from that, retiredfeline already gave the right answer.
With Eeschema / Tools / Edit symbol Library Library Links you can swap all instances of a symbol with some other symbol. To test this I just changed all TVS diodes in some schematic with jumpers.

This spreadsheet like overview does not have the grouping capabilities of Eeschema / Tools / Edit Symbol Fields, so it’s an all or nothing approach.

And if the already mentioned otions not enoug you can use the mainmenu → Edit → Change Symbols. This gives a dialog which is also specialized for this task.

There’s no easy way to push local changes to symbols to all other instances of that symbol. I added a fab layer to a symbol by way of edit symbol , but had to do each symbol separately .

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