Replace (hopefully very temporally) Kicad's main blue icon background with Blue/Yellow for nightlies and v6.0.5 release

Would that be appropriate? I would really love if this perfect software would not be used by zombies…

No, there are plenty of ways you can express your disdain for the orcs like donating to the UA armed forces and humanitarian accounts via the UA national bank.

Making a mess of the codebase and packaging is not going to accomplish anything. Nightly vs release builds also now have different icons for a reason as users struggled to differentiate what they launched.

Wrong blue, and I doubt any Kicad users should be called zombies.

Isn’t the “(nightly)” following Kicad enough of a hint as to which Icon is for which program :upside_down_face:?

I use both nightly and stable, and I struggle when needed to differentiate between nightly eeschema or pcbnew: Darken nightly main program icons (#11191) · Issues · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab

zombie = brainwashed people (“Z-people”), I mean.
Being a zombie does not prevent using this wonderful software, but seeing blue/yellow (an icon) on it’s screen whole work day could make one or another zombie to wanish.

Imagine a zombied boss, telling engineer to use kicad with such an icon :D. This could really force zombie company to rebuild kicad from source for icon to be hidden (more effort).

Ah, I see what you mean.
I also use both but keep them entirely independent, so had never considered the situation mentioned in the Gitlab issue.

Sorry @poco

That remark was my polite, and hopefully tactful, way of writing that this forum isn’t really a suitable place for political comment.

I doubt changing the colors would make any difference for the zombies (or soviets, or putler’s orcs, however you call them). It’s like the ‘thoughts and prayers’ on social media that appear en masse after every major disaster.

If you want to help: host refugees, chip in for aid for Ukraine, text a random Russian citizen with the truth about the war (see: or spot for and report propaganda and misinformation.

Слава Україні!


I’ll leave it to @ChrisGammell to make a final decision but I think this is the same situation as NASA asking Scott Kelly to dial it back. The space programs worked together through many political upheavals and managed to stay above the fray. I’m sure we all know other dedicated venues for this kind of discussion.

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