Repeat last command in pcbnew

I wonder if pcbnew allows a keyboard shortcut to “Repeat last command”. To give an example, I have been aligning footprints by doing “align to center”. I’ve done for groups 1, 2, 3, and 4. Every time I have to right click -> Align/Distribute -> Align to Center.

I wonder if pcbnew has a function to “repeat last command”? In this case, do “align to center” over and over again. Similar to Microsoft Excel’s F4 function. Thank you very much.

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I rarely make use of those align (or the distribute) functions.

I usually find it more convenient to just set the grid to ca coarse and appropriate value when moving footprints. When you do this, you have to be aware of where you grab a footprint. If you grab a pad of a footprint while dragging, it aligns that pad on the grid, while if you drag the footprint by it’s center, then the center gets aligned on the grid.

With SMT stuff such as resistors and capacitors, the grid I uses is usually not an integer fraction of the pad distance, so when you want to align some footprints, drag them all by their center, or by either their left or right pad. Just make sure you grab the same anchor point for all of them.

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Thanks. How about “last command” in general (not limiting to align or distribution)?

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