Reopen last used gerbers?

I might have missed something, but in gerbview-nightly, how do I reopen those gerbers I opened before?

File->Open recent Gerber-> only opens one of the recent gerbers but I want to open all that I viewed the last time. I want to either

  • Open those which were loaded before closing gerbview or
  • Open those which I have multi-selected the last time I did File->Open Gerber File(s).

In Pcbnew

  • File
  • Plot
  • Check ‘Generate Gerber job file’
  • Plot

In GerbView

  • File
  • Open Gerber Job File…


I don’t know what “Gerber Job Files” are but already-existing gerbers of our projects don’t have these, and Mentor PCB (what was used) doesn’t seem to support them at all.

Sounds like you do not work from within Kicad. The Kicad gerber viewer does not seem to support to save a given selection as a gerber project file.

In that case you might be better off to use Gerbv. It allows to save previously loaded gerber layers as one re-loadable Gerbv project file.

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I was actually trying to move away from Gerbv because it’s rendering sucks and also has no ‘recent’ function whatsoever.

I did find between the Gerber files there’s a ‘.dsn’ file structurally listing the ‘.gdo’ files with other metadata.

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