Renumber hierarchical sheets

Just in case is useful for someone…

By chance I have found how to renumber the hierarchical sheets of a given schematic.

The top sheet is always sheet 1. In my projects its matching file is projectname.sch
The other sheets are numbered as they are found in the projectname.sch file.

The description of each hierarchical sheet is a block of text beginning by $Sheet and ending with $EndSheet

Rearranging those blocks with a text editor, the hierarchical sheets are renumbered accordingly.

After that, I suggest the annotation of the whole project. My option is always “First free after sheet number X 100”, but this option is up to anyone.

I’ve discovered this quite a while ago myself, but have also discovered (I think this was back in 4.0.7 era so may have changed) that sometimes a future save of the schematic will then save the sheet blocks of text out of order again (or at least out of MY order).

So far it is working well on v5.1.7
I can’t assure if I saved the schematic before re-annotation just after openning the edited project or not.

Thanks for the advice. Extra care on backup copies then.

AFAIR there has been some work since the last time I manually re-numbered sheets with a text editor to make the saved files more GIT friendly. One of those things was to reduce the elements that get shuffled around in the saved files which would show as a GIT diff, even if the actual information didn’t change. I’m not sure if the order of the sheet objects in the save file was one of those or not.

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