Rendering (overlay) order of objects?

Hi folks,
How should I determine the order of overlapping objects? For example, place the red rectangle in front.
In the symbol editor, i.e. in the schematic editor.

I am using KiCad 7 RC2 on WIN10.
Thank you for your answer.

No way.
IIRC KiCad has no proper Z- order handling. I myself opened up at least one issue in the bug tracker and it was turned down with the remark “This is no art editor”.
I gave up and didn’t look into it anymore, but I think printing was worst.

Thanks for the reply. Sometimes it would come in handy. I think this function is quite far from art :slight_smile:

My words :smile:.
But then, given what’s going on in the bug tracker in preparation for V7, now is the worst time I can imagine to give it another push.

Everything is true they said otherwise all this will begin to turn into altium… Although he already realized that it is better to make pictures in solidworks and kicad in freecad…

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