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I had to re-name some signals and power segments in the schematic of a working design. The names of the signal lines appear to have changed appropriately in the layout, but the zone names are still the old ones. This leads to a very large number of “Copper area belongs to a net which has no pads.” errors. I believe these errors are caused by a mismatch between the names of the nets and the names of the zones to which they are to connect.

How can I change the names of the zones to match the names of the nets to which they are connected?

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What a surprising chance.
Just a moment ago I had a situation:
Zone connected to net G and connected to one connector pin at net G (may be it is important).
I have changed the net name at schematic to G1.
I have saved the schematic and in PcbNew made “Update PCB from schematic”.
Was not sure what will be with zone net so entered its edition. I noticed that zone net was changed to G1, but I noticed that among nets to select I have also G which should be not there. Unselecting zone and selecting it once more didn’t helped. Closing PcbNew and opening again helped.

I am working at today pre 5.1.6 version.

Hello Piotr,

Thanks for your reply to my question. I tried closing down KiCAD, which of course closes PcbNew, and re-opening it. That didn’t solve the problem. But careful examination showed that all of the problems were with one net name that changed as a result of my re-naming a power net. My fix was to explicitly select each zone with the old name and manually re-name it to the new one. Tedious, but all of the errors found by the DRC prior to that are now fixed.

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KiCommand is designed to help with this type of situation via a command line interface. Let me know if you want to explore this and I can work out the appropriate command string.

Edit: the command within KiCommand is something like this:

  • zones copy GetNetname call OLDNAME = filter NEWNAME findnet SetNet callargs

Edit2: Use the already-defined getnetname command, which does the same thing as above:

  • zones copy getnetname OLDNAME = filter NEWNAME findnet SetNet callargs

Edit3: I’ve edited the KiCommand Tutorial and Wiki to break down this particular command and give a detailed explanation. Look for the section on “filters.” I hope it helps!

Thank you for the information on the command-line interface. Where would I find more information about it? Is there a user manual for it?

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KiCommand - Tutorial and Wiki

KiCommand discussion and development - Easy pcbnew command strings; 4.07 & 5.1.5 - contains development notes since the beginning

KiCommand github (including a Readme document)

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