Renaming net with space?

In the board editor, some net names follows this format:


I want to rename these nets to specify their function. However, in the pad properties window it seems that I’m not allowed to use spaces when I create a new name in the drop down menu of net names.

Is there a fix/workaround for this? Or am I simply using the wrong method?

I have never thought that a net name can contain space in it. Are you sure spaces in names are allowed?

What if you do this instead in the schematics, add a “label” (L) to that net with the name you like?

I am not at all surprised at this restriction. Spaces in names cause problems in many areas. Just do what everyone else does and use an underscore e.g. ‘NET_NAME’ or as @TheSwede suggests, a label.

I had not tried using net names which included a space. But here I have experimentally changed a global schematic net label to “Space Name”; it appears to get through to the layout. I do not know if any errors would be forthcoming.


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And yet, space is allowed in label names. I will add this as a feature request.

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