Renaming global label

This question is also related to labels in general. I was wondering if there is a way to rename a label and all its attached nets. Or said differently, is there a method to rename the same way all the occurrences of a specific label? Except doing them one by one of course.

Thanks for any hint.

Backup the file.
Open the file in your favorite text editor.
Use find & replace.

Thanks for your reply.
I know about editing the files, but I meant: a method to do that using Kicad. I’m aware that if you use an external program, then you can do basically anything.

I’m not aware of another method, but I’ve not investigated beyond version 5.1.9

Edit->Find and replace ? However, you still need to go through all the labels to be changed.

Eeschema / Edit / Find and Replace there is also a box with “Replace all”.


I would still prefer to do them one by one though, and check what is actually being replaced.


Thanks for your replies. Indeed, find and replace is exactly what I was looking for. And with all its options, I guess it fits nearly everybody’s needs. Beside this, it’s a very standard way to do it, it’s basically the same as in any other program. Sorry for the mess, I should have found it by myself.

Just one remark: it would be very handy to have “replace & find” instead of simply “replace”, like in most of word processors. It would directly jump to the next hit from which you can ignore with Find or Replace with “Replace & Find”.

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