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I have created several library symbols with a library name and completed the whole project. Now I want to rename the library as I have done a mistake in the name. But I couldn’t find any option top rename. Any suggestions how to do it? I am using Kicad 6 which create symbol libraries with .kicad_sym extension.
Thanks in advance.

First; is this a global library or a project library?

I just opened up one of my (6.0) symbol libraries with a text editor. It appears that every symbol in the library contains the name of the library.

I am not the expert on this and am just trying to help the discussion along.

I can see that (probably) what you want to do is not impossible and can be done with text editors and file management. But care will be needed so that you don’t get yourself into trouble. In other words, save a copy of your existing projects and libraries before you start doing any of this.

I am not sure if there is anything within KiCad to allow “save as” in a different name for a library.

Hello and welcome @viralvaghela

You use the word symbol, so I assume you mean schematic library.

First, go to Preferences / Manage symbol libraries (top of page) and check if it is in “Project Specific Libraries” or “Global Libraries”. It will probably be down at the bottom of the list.

Next, check to see if the mistake is in the “nickname” or the “library path”.
If only the nickname, correct it there and click OK.
If in the library path, you then need to find your library file/folder in your computer and using your OS, change the name of your library, then return to your library path and change just that part in your path then click OK.

Don’t change the path before you change the folder/file.

Thanks for the response @jmk @BobZ.
I have created this schematic library as Project specific.
I wanted to change the Library name.
So I changed the Library name in my computer folder. But after assigning the Path, I get this Warnings with each and every symbols saying that
The Current Configuration does not include the Library. I have attached the image of the Violation.

Is your personal library showing in your Symbol Library Browser?

Yes It is Showing. I the Symbol is not recognising the new name of the Library and consider it as different library.

Hmm, looks like I stuffed that up. I hadn’t tried changing a library name after I finished the schematic.

Will keep looking into it. Sorry for your time wasted.

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