(Rename/Save As) I tried the last post in this thread today…

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It required quite some work, was a bit scary but it finally worked (with 2 schematic pages) – Save As would have been pretty nice here…

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Is this what you mean?

I tested this on my “experiment multi PCB” project.
The main project is renamed and the sub projects are just copied into the new directory.
I only tested it briefly, but it seems to work OK.
I skimmed a bit through the old thread. 103 posts and links to missing video’s.
Apparently you were using KiCad V6.99 back then and not much has changed since then.

He means for more complex cases where there is more than one schematic sheet per project, and the “name” of the project is contained as a prefix in each schematic file name, and similarly for the footprint/symbol library name. See the linked post above. (Even if some users consider this bad practice, there is no reason why a solution or workaround to this cannot be provided).

No, I still talk about the thing which is possible in probably all applications except KiCad = you open a file, do some edits, maybe you’re not all happy with it so far, but you want to continue the next day – then (in Office and all other apps), simply choose “Save As” (=a new file name)…

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