Removing Kicad completely from os x

I have installed kicad from the source code and also again by using the nightly built version. It was for avoiding an issue. But after installing the nightly build, it seems the binary files built from source code are linked to the nightly built binaries. If I change settings of the nightly built binaries which are stored in Applications directory, the changes are applied to the binaries built from source code.

Even I tried to remove all of them and installed again. But the changes I made for previous files are applied to new ones.

How could I remove all the kicad related files and install it again?

Ditto on completely removing Kicad to try a fresh install again.

Is there a list of folders where the Kicad suite creates files on MacOS?

Removing the files from Application is not sufficient as after I reinstall, the paths I set in Preferences->Configure Paths are still there. I changed them following out-of-date advice during a failed install, because the Disk Image drag to the Application Support folder doesn’t work for MacOS 10.15. I have now fixed this by copying the files somewhere else first, but now I’d like to do a fresh install, because who knows what else I’ve screwed up trying to get things working.

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Perfect - thanks for that.