Removing Crosshairs


How does a user select removal of the crosshairs in the schematic editor.
and the red border if that is possible

Thank you


Unfortunately neither of those is currently possible, but I agree it should be possible!
I would recommend adding them as feature requests to the bug tracker so that the ideas don’t get forgotten.


You can remove the large crosshair by clicking on the “Change cursor shape” button on left hand tool bar, but you can’t remove the small cross.

If you mean the worksheet border, you can create a custom worksheet style which is blank and use that. If you mean the page limits, that is configurable in Preferences->Schematic Editor Options.


Nice workaround! Still think we should make the worksheet color and visibility something the user can change…


It would be easier, I think everything else is configurable so maybe it got overlooked. Related wishlist item


Thanks for those replies, the crosshair can either be massive or small, but neither is pleasant at all.

If we compare to Oregano, it has a user selectable draw wires icon that politely turns off as soon as you are finished
making a connection between points- i would have to say perfect, it puts the user at ease as he or she is in command
of the schematic drawing. Crosshairs to me appear as lines that you have not instructed it to draw at all, so any such schematic program with them I get very frustrated with, and usually delete in despair.


If I understand you correctly, pcbnew already has this feature, so we can probably expect it to come to eeschema soon(ish).


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