Removed thread - Edge_cuts and Freeroute

In my previous thread one of the comments included a link to the place that KiCAD bugs are really supposed to be reported to, which again for no known reason doesn’t appear here. It doesn’t bother me a bit that you folks are ridiculously thin-skinned and have no tolerance for actual criticism or willingness to deal with REAL problems being reported by people who are actually on a schedule and trying to get real work done off this experimental and bug-prone platform, but I would have thought if you wanted to get rid of me quickly you would at least steer me over to where I can report to the people who apparently can actually fix things. There’s just something perverse about the “attitude” here but if someone will just direct me to the place that these issues should REALLY be directed to then I’ll just go away and leave you hobbyists to wallow in your own muck. Thank you in advance.