Remove silkscreen on the board

Hi Everyone,

I have manufactured PCB. In the board one place silkscreen was wrong. Can someone help how to remove the silkscreen on the particular place? Right now I Manufactured more then 100 boards, Please help me on this.


I am not sure if I understand your question correctly.
The answer seems too simple to be true…

In Pcbnew you can simply click on a text on the silk screen, and then drag it around.
(2 operations, first click on it, release mouse button, then click again and drag).
Sometimes it is hard to select the silk screen text, because traces get selected when you click on them. You can turn off Copper layers (and other layers) in the “Layers manager”, which is the area on the far right side on the screen in Pcbnew, with all the colored boxes, and [v] check boxes. Removing the V from a checkbox turns the layer off.

(Think: Too simple, there’s gotte be more to this … (Think more).

If you want to change Silkscreen artwork which is part of the outline of components, then you have to change the component itself with the Footprint Editor.
You can open the Footprint Editor with a component by hovering over a component and pressing [CTRL + e]

When the board is finished you have to make new Gerber files ofcourse.
Alternatively, you can use a program which can edit the Gerber files directly.

I’m wondering that, too.

If the boards are already made and you want to change them, you have to scrape off the silk printing with some knife like tool. It’s not impossible but slow with 100 boards, and the solder mask may be removed at the same time. It’s of course dangerous if it’s on top of copper. Or you can find some kind of paint with which you can cover the wrong marking.

I will try the paint.

I cant’t change the component. Its there in a programming header

Footprints can be changed :wink:
Either globally in the library or project specific.

To change it globally edit it normally using the footprint editor. Save it to the lib and update the footprint from the library in your pcb.

For project local changes start the footprint editor from the pcb editor (right click context menu of the placed footprint. Something about edit footprint or open in footprint editor.) Make your changes and then i think somehow push it back to the pcb. (I currently have no access to kicad so i am going from memory here. Check if the documentation has something to say about that topic.)

Just to be clear:
Is this about physical PCB’s already manufacured?
Is this about KiCad files?
Is this about both of the above?

If it is about KiCad files, then please tell us more on where you get stuck.
Posting a screenshot may also help.

PCB’s are already manufactured.

The obvious is to just ignore it and put the PCB in an enclosure :slight_smile:
You might be able to dissolve it with chemcials, but I’m not good with chemicals.

With mechanical removal I’ve had quite good results with pencil brushes made from glass fibre. These are quite aggresive and can be used in a small spot.

But if you want to touch-up 100 pcb’s I’d look at a Dremel like tool with a steel brush in it.

You can get UV- curable solder mask in pots or tubes to clean up the damaged part:
Sometimes these even come with an UV- Led light to cure it.

@paulvdh Thanks for the suggestions. I am going to buy a solder mask tube.

You can also put a “QC Approved” sticker over it. :slight_smile:

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