Remove selected area from copper zone

hi everyone, let me know ,how can remove selected copper area from copper filled zone

You could ad a keepout area . . .

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very very thanks Mr. Raptor for the quick response,
Dear friend I am new in Kicad, i draw a pcb layout without schematic and fill tracks with polygon fill tool to make tracks strong, after made the design I need write name in copper area, i need to clear some copper fill, I made the board design with other method as shown marked area

in picture below, but I can’t understand how can I REMOVE AREA OF COPPER CONNECTED WITH PADS. Please define briefly ,Thanks

There is nothing special to it. Just place a text string directly on a copper zone.


Dear this is possible in area used with filled zone tool which can not connect to pads,I need that copper area which can connect to pads

You just have to attach that zone to the same net with the pads. It’s in the zone Properties.

Are you getting this manufactured commercially? If so the copper will be normally covered by soldermask so you won’t see the copper anyway. But by putting your text in the soldermask layer you will cause the copper to be exposed where the text is and it will be coated with your chosen finish, commonly HASL, so silver colour.

Dear as I am new in kicad,please explain with tool selection with pictures, thanks in advance

I suppose you have a schematic and you have based your layout on that. The nets which connect items together with wires in the schematic are visible in the zone Properties dialog. Note the “Hide automatically generated net names” tickbox if you haven’t named all nets. Choose the net for the zone there.

This is the basic and most important workflow with zones. A zone with no net is an exception, usually all zones are attached to nets.

Thank you very much Mr. eelik ,actually I copy the board directly without schematic, As you define I named the net and problem is solved,
Thanks Again

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