Remove page drawing in KiCad 6

I want to remove the page contour and drawing (title, margins, etc). How can this be done in KiCAD 6 (PCB)?

PS: I think the page should be disabled by default or even removed at all. The paper thing should be something that happens in a separate stage (if needed at all), as it is e.g. in FreeCAD. In the PC we should find just an infinite, homogeneous and isotropic space to draw in, not a piece of paper.

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Hello maybe the OP is referring to just having a blank drawing sheet with no information but not sure if it also applies to PCB.

Here is a blank one I use in Eeschema.

Blank.kicad_wks (266 Bytes)

I don’t agree here. For export (and nearly every layout gets exported at least to fabrication data) the page size gives at least for me a good reference where to place my board. as you can disable the sheet so easily and most PCB programs have a sheet-based background since forever I don’t see the point in changing the default state.

Thanks, I was actually looking for what JeffYoung posted.

@Tojan you should be able to place your board in any place of the infinitely, isotropic and homogeneous space, they are all identical. When you want to print it, you place “an image” of your board into a paper. This is exactly how FreeCAD (and probably many other software) works. Or even Excel, you have an “infinite” spreadsheet not fragmented in pieces of paper. If there is any kind of contour or margin in KiCAD it better be that of whatever machine will produce the PCB and not that of a piece of paper that nothing has to do with the PCB. Anyway, after hiding the paper the result is the one I want.

With KiCad V4 and V5 I replaced the *.kicad_wks file with one defining only small cross at 0,0 position. I would like to have nothing in it but if file was empty then default frame was added so not what I wanted. In V4 nad V5 the absolute 0,0 was at top left sheet corner and for all symmetrical PCBs I want to have 0,0 in their centers. Then for example placing mounting holes I could write their symmetric coordinates with no need to do any calculations. You could place the auxiliary axis origin but you couldn’t write coordinates referred to auxiliary axis.
For me placing board around 0,0 has much more sense than anywhere at A4 sheed.
With V6 I designed only one simple board and in hurry so had no time to think if not change something. I have heard that I can place 0,0 anywhere. But if anywhere then why not left it where it originally is :slight_smile:

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