Remove name of component in silkscreen

I have a few custom footprints that have the name of the footprint in the silkscreen. Now when i open them in the footprint editor, the name is not there in de silkscreen. In PCBnew i cant remove the silkscreen name so it must be a property of the footprint. I tried removing the name of the component in de description of the footprint and that didn’t work.

When i first started kicad i didn’t know you could link a symbol directly to a footprint(the button for that is tiny and should be the most visible on the screen when you are in symbol editor) so i named all my footprints to the component that used them, which is not really a great solutions because different components can have the same footprint.

I am still working through a bit of my own legacy and cant seem to find the fix.

Anyone have any ideas? I can of course delete the footprints and create new ones properly, but then i won’t have learned why i am not able to find where the property is that i changed and how to prevent it in the future.

Here’s a screenshot of the properties of the text which is the name of a footprint in the official libraries. What does your footprint show?


If this doesn’t feel relevant to your problem, could you take a screencast or some screenshots of your problem? It’s a bit difficult to follow your explanation.

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Thanks for the reply. I found my mistake. The name of the component is normally in the fab layer, but when i placed it in pcbnew, i manually changed that layer to silkscreen. So in pcbnew i can change the layer and its fine. I think this only happens when you manually change the layer in pcbnew, i did this quite a long time ago but since the project uses the same component i never caught the mistake.

Thanks and enjoy the weekend!


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