Remove custom field in Symbol libraries

Is there a quick way to remove a custom field from all components of a symbol library? What I want is to avoid editing each component individually to remove it.

Not from inside kicad.

You could upvote issue Symbol Fields Table dialog in Symbol Editor (Bulk field editing) (#11506) · Issues · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab. This wishlist item proposes a tool for such tasks.

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Okay. I see It’s a milestone for v7. Will it be a valid issue for v8?

Don’t take the milestone too serious.
The issue is still open and can therefore be seen by the developers, so no need to file a new issue.

As at least two core developers have participated on the discussion I think this will get attention at some point (even if there is currently no programmer directly assigned to this task).
I personally would find this tool very important for all users who work with the classic library system (and don’t have switched to database libraries).

In the meantime you could look for the “KiField” tool/plugin, which could help you today.