Remove / change 3D Viewer background

Hello, is there a way to remove background from 3D rendering in 3D Viewer in 5.1.6 ?


Hi Marcel!
What do you mean with remove? be transparent or same color without gradient?

Same color:
You can select the top and bottom colors to be the same, so it will not display a gradient.

If you need transparency to extract to your documents, you will need an external image editor,
maybe it is better to set the two color to Fushia RGB(255, 0 , 255) and use some color select with your image editor to remove that.

Oh my! Silly me - thanks for this - I have actually completely ignored the Preferences dropdown here (on Mac) for some reason and so did my colleague! We were looking into all the different options and the gear icon menu, but for some reason our brains ignored that dropdown. Many thanks! :slight_smile:

Possibly a silly question - but is there a Python API to 3D Viewer so we can automagically generate 3D renderings from many KiCAD designs?

It is a long wished feature, not possible, but you can :+1: it here:

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Splendid! Thanks for a prompt help!

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