Remap DEL hotkey on OSX

edit I found the menu item.

Hi - first night giving KiCad a go and I am finding it tedious to use the ‘Del’ hotkey. On a Max keyboard the ‘delete’ key in the top right is not the same as the ‘Del’ hotkey. The keyboard button is in fact the ‘backspace’ key.

In order to delete a wire, part etc I have to do a combo ‘Fn + delete’ which is a bit annoying. Is there any way to edit the hotkey map ?

When I go in to the hotkey editor and attempt to change ‘Del’ to “command + delete” I get this warning:

I did not press <Cmd+H>, furthermore, <Cmd+H> is an OSX O/S shortcut to hide the entire app.

In ave set mine to BkSp (backspace) which is really mapped to the delete key.