Reload PCB file after changes with texteditor

I want to know if it is possible to reload the PCB layout file without closing it and reopen. I am asking because when I do some changes on the file with a texteditor I would like to see the results. But when I press F5 it doesn’t reload the file. So I always have to close the PCB file and reopen it. is there a better way?


I often edit my photos by changing bytes in the JPEG files using a hex editor. I wish Photoshop or at least Gimp had a feature that would allow me to reload the photos without closing and reopening…

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Funny that you mentioned it. Cause I ran in that problem once. In Gimp. But can’t quite remember how solved it :slight_smile:

GIMP actually has a feature to reload the file without closing and reopening GIMP:

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It’s possible to reload the PCB layout (or schematic) in standalone Pcbnew (or Eeschema) without closing the program by just reopening it via “File > Open…” or “File > Open Recent”.

But we’re unlikely to make a separate option for it like in GIMP. One explanation is because the GIMP equivalent of manually editing PCB layout files would be manually editing its native XCF files, not the graphics files (PNG, JPEG, etc.) it imports and exports, and supporting that would be more involved.

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I also have a (mild) interest into a “revert to last version” or “Reload” button.

For me the reason is that I sometimes want to save a relatievely good layout, then save it, continue working with some wild idea, and if that does not work out as expected, using a “reload” menu button has some convenience.

For this reason such a button is also common in other programs such as text editors.

Edit, found it on gitlab after poco’s remark:


There is already a feature request in gitlab issue tracker. Search for “Revert” and vote that up.

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Just for clarification. What’s the purpose of refresh (F5). Couldn’t it include a reload? I’m sure there is a reason, I just want to understand it

Sorry for late reply.

At the moment pressing F5 should redraw the screen. I don’t have an opinion whether it should include a reload or not, so unfortunately I can’t answer your question. You may try asking about it in the linked issue. There may have been a small misunderstanding of what you meant in your original question.

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