Release candidates side-by-side with stable ones

Can release candidates work side-by-side with stable ones?

As this could (potentially) depend on the used OS it would be good to provide these information.

For windows (10): the v8-release candidate (and later the stable v8) can be installed alongside the kicad v7 version.
You should separate your user libraries into v7/v8 folders. (after saving a library with v8 it can’t be loaded with v7 anymore)

Treat release candidates of the next major version (for example, 8.0.0-rc3) as if they were a nightly build:

  1. They can be installed side-by-side with the current stable
  2. Files and libraries modified with them will no longer be openable in the stable version

Treat release candidates of the next stable bugfix release (for example, 7.0.11-rc4) as if they were a stable build:

  1. They install over the stable build, not side-by-side
  2. There are no file compatibility issues with the stable build
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