Regulators aren't regulating

I am trying to capture a simple bipolar voltage and current regulator circuit in KiCad 7.0.9 running under Windows 10 22H2. If I use the regulator models from Bordodynov’s “regulators.lib”, I get simulations, but the results indicate that the regulators aren’t regulating. I have simulated the same circuit in PSPICE for TI with credible results, but if I try to use the TI models (LM*.lib) in KiCad, the simulation doesn’t run at all. An archive of the project, including the above-mentioned libraries is attached: (33.4 KB)
What am I doing wrong?

You should start with a simple circuit containing only a single regulator. Put in a ramped dc (e.g. VPWL source) and see if the device is regulating.

When attaching the model to the symbol, you also have to assign the proper pin sequence. Your symbol has pins 1, 2, and 4. Your model has pins 1, 2, and 3, and I don’t know which is in, out, or adj. You have to check this first. Then you have to do the pin assignment.

Only when this single device is regulating properly, then add it to a more complex circuit.

There are 317 circuits available in Simulation examples for KiCad/Eeschema/ngspice.