[Regression] Circles and arcs not exported as circles arc to STEP

I just noticed that in v7.05 holes (pads) are exported as circles/arcs in step files but graphical circles/arcs are not. This was different in v6 and makes the use of alginment tools in MCAD very difficult. Is there any setting where I can reverse this behaviour?

v6: the board edge is an arc which has a center and so on.

v7: the board edge and cutout on the edge layer are segmented but the mounting hole is still a circular cutout:

That’s probably this issue:

Looks like this will be fixed in 7.0.6.


Thanks, that’s it, didn’t find it on the issue list.

I’ve taken to adding sketches (using Solidworks) to the STEP to help with alignment (mating)

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