Regarding the PCB Prototyping

Hiee evryone,

i have desinged two PCB boards

  1. 90mm X 90mm with the trackwidth of 6mils and space width of 6mils
  2. 29mm X 10mm with the trackwidth of 1mils and space width of 1mils

I want to protype type them.

So, my question is does anybody can suggust me a good PCB manufacturer where i can send gerber files and components list online and they can manufacure entire PCB including mounting of components for me?

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If you include assembly services, Macrofab is probably the best bet for the first design.

The second one is entirely non-manufacturable. Even if you’re willing to fork out thousands of dollars per board through an aerospace grade fabrication service, you still can’t get below 2mil track width.
The better solution is to correct the design, and use 6 mil track width and spacing. Then it can be fabbed for about $5-$10 per board.

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thankyou for your help.

Ok.! I will change my design to 2 mil track width.


There’s a price comparison site,, that lets you enter your board’s specs and will show you prices from 25 different manufacturers in Asia, North America and Europe. Many of the manufacturers have Amazon-style reviews written by previous customers. You can read the existing reviews and, if you have experience with any of the manufacturers, write reviews.


Fantastic resource! Reviews are essential especially dealing with Asian manufacturers since you never know what you are gonna get! Any ideas for a good and not terribly expensive assembly place?

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MacroFab and Small Batch Assembly are both great places to talk to for fabrication if you’re interested in keeping things in the US.

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Easy there on the self promo elecrow. I don’t mind you mentioning your own service, but please make an attempt to contribute outside of mentioning yourself.

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@THABJUL_Anirudh you can try and ask at [][1]
they support some sort of assembling - (they are based in germany - so that is nearer to france than US… :wink: )
but in the online ordering process the minimum track / gap size is 5mil - i think if you ask them there are more options…
i have not tried there assembling service -
but i have ordered pcbs there and that worked great every time (as source files the kicad-board-files - also sometimes it was difficult to get them to use the right kicad-version to open my files… if this happened the support was helpful and it was fixed with one or two mails…)

sunny greetings

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Thanks very much for your answer dude.

I will contact them .


I do electrical design work, which often uses PCB in my works.
Here I recommend a good PCB fab which I buy my PCB for my projects.

Firtly, show some PCB for my parts.
2 Layers PCB Board FR-4 1.6mm Blue Mask HASL lead free, quite good!
My size is 86*92mm, 10pcs, only $13 for PCB costs. [<10cm, it seems only $13]
I just want to show you my PCB for your look, but it failed. A little pity.

Share site here:
Hope it would be useful @tekdemo,
It can get a $5 coupon once register, you can have a try with it.


Hi THABJUL_Anirudh,
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Have you finish your prototype? If not, please contact me.
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You can try this Company, SysPCB,, When I started doing a security project, I bought PCB from them, always was very attentive and willing to give me the necessary help to avoid mistakes, today more than ever I appreciate all the time devoted to the project of PCBs and everything I learned from.

SeeedStudio Fusion is good enough in small size, you can enjoy unbeatable prices for both PCB boards and assembly


The post looks suspiciously like spam. The link includes “code” which is probably the code of the individual who is getting paid for harvesting through forums.

I’m open to other explanations.

It probably is an employee of the fab tasked with drumming up business. Times are tough.