Reference Table, How To Create

New to KiCad,
I have created my first schematic and I am loving KiCad.
My first issue that I cannot figure out is how to place/create a spreadsheet like table on the first page to list components information related to them.

Please Help.

Options You Can Do:
• Draw Lines and place Text (example below)
• Place an image (a screenshot) of a spreadsheet/table

Also, depending on what the goal is, perhaps clicking the ‘Bulk Edit Fields’ icon and Adding custom fields will help then, taking screenshot and placing the image of it

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Thank you for that work around.

It is strange that a very well made product such as KiCad does not have a table insert tool.

Another older idea from the forum: work with the simple text-item and use Tabs to correctly vertically align the rows/columns:

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