Reference Designator Problem With KiCad 5.1.0

I did an ERC on my schematic diagram, KiCad now at 5.1.0, and got the following message “Pin 8 (Power input) of component A3AR1 is not driven (Net 46).” The “not driven” message is understood as there is a 1 kΩ resistor between the 9 V source and pin 8. What is not understood is that I have deleted all reference designator prefixes, in this case “A3”, from all of the parts, leaving the basic reference designators. In other words there is only AR1A and AR1B on the schematic diagram. Is this somehow a carryover from KiCad 5.0.2 that I was using? Is this a bug?

You could look at the file using a text editor and check if the old reference is still in there somewhere. Maybe this could give you a clue as to why it still exists.
You might still want to report it anyways but be prepared that the devs really can not do much without the schematic files.

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Operator error on this one. There was A3AR1C that was the +Vcc and -Vee voltage pins. I must have made the ref des for the “C” part invisible, so it wouldn’t show on the schematic diagram. Once I deleted the A3 ref des prefix the PL/BOM only showed an AR1. That fixed that problem but there seems to be another anomaly. The last four resistors with ref des R27, R28, R29, and R30 do not show up on a BOM but they do show up in the net list. Go figure.

Do the 4 resistors appear in the xml file generated by kicad? (That xml is then given to the bom plugin you choose. Meaning if the resistors are in the xml then the problem is in the bom script. If they are not in the xml file then the problem is within the core of eeschema.)

Yes, the 4 resistors are in the .xml file and as I said they are in the .net file. The parts list (PL) file I used at first was ‘bom_sorted_by_ref’ and then I used ‘bom_csv_sorted_by_ref’ and both of those had the missing 4 resistors.

If these scritps are part of the default kicad distribution then report it as a problem on launchpad otherwise report it to the developer of that script in some way.

Yes, these scripts are part of the KiCad 5.1.0 distribution, that I just downloaded, as they are part of the list of scripts that shows up when I click on the BOM icon. I may try additional scripts to see what happens. And then report it on Launchpad, if I can figure out or remember how to do that.

I assume this is the bug report you created because of this:

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