Reference components on a PCB schematic

Is there a mechanism provided in KiCAD to tag components on a schematic as included for “better understanding” only? I’d like to include the chassis mounted IGBTs and their associated drive cables & connectors to the gate drive PCB I’ve just drawn up.

BTW I’m using V (5.1.7)-1


You can add text using the “T” in the right side bar.
Edit: Strange. The screen shot shows up in the preview but no showing up on the forum.
You can “label” connections for clarity.

Thanks for the prompt response. I’ve attached a capture of the schematic area of interest.

I was hoping to be able to show the two IGBTs, capacitor and connector, but not have to deal with them during error checking, the netlist, nor the PCB itself. Basically make them invisible to any activity other than viewing the schematic.

If I remember correctly this scenario has been discussed here before, with a description how the components can be excluded from the PCB and error checking.
Unfortunately I haven’t done this myself, and don’t remember the details.
Just wanted to say that it is probably possible, and either if you want to search in the older posts from last year or two, or wait if someone who has done it chimes in and can give you the details.

Thanks, and just found it in an old posting. Adding a hashtag (#) before the reference designators takes care of the problem. As an example #C31 renders the component inactive.