Ref Des for a Screw Terminal Block?

US military hardware does not use screw terminal blocks (at least what I have worked on).

At first I sorta thought it might be a jack; so J1.

I don’t really think of it as a “terminal”, it’s not the way I have seen “terminal” used in the field.

It would make sense that a terminal block, and a screw terminal block, would not share the same Ref Des. A terminal block typically connects two wire ends to the same terminal, while a screw terminal typically connects a single wire to a Pcb.

Yes, I have looked, Google is not helping me out at the moment. Anyone have some insight?

According to the discussion at " Reference Designator for Terminal Block? " ,

  • " From ANSI/IEEE 315 clause 22.4 the class designation of a terminal block is “TB” . . . . "
  • " Reference designation (letter symbol) for a terminal block is simply TB, such as TB6, and its terminals are treated just like connector contacts, such as TB6-3 . . . . "

and I will let you do the scholarship to verify the original sources.

(This tracks with my personal practice, but I didn’t know if there was an authoritative basis for my habit.)



That URL was one that I had already read.

In my project, the screw terminal is more like Plug, without the actual plug.

The connection to the Pcb is more like a Jack, without the actual jack.

Like I said, in all my years, with the US Mil hardware I have worked, I’ve never come across a screw terminal; or it’s documents.

To me, if I see RefDes TB, I’m going to be looking for a block that connects wires to the same physical point, very likely from both sides.

A “screw” terminal block typically only accepts wires from one side; a different critter from the TB.

I do thank you for the feedback to give me reason to burn a few more brain cells deciding what I’m going to end up doing.

There are many different styles of terminal blocks, but despite your odd description :wink:

It sounds like you might be referring to the “barrier strip” style. Either ref/des “TB” or “J” would apply.

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