Red Highlight Bubbles In Schematic (nightly)

Hi All,
I am trying out the new nightly builds after a while in stable KiCad 5 and can’t figure out why all my ground wires are highlighted with red bubbles on the schematic. Is this a setting somewhere that I am overlooking? I keep thinking it is showing me that there are wires missing but if I delete the bubble and re-wire them they turn right back into bubbles.

The resolution of the screenshot is too low, I can hardly read the blue texts.

I believe I figured out what the problem was. It looks like the line width for GND net got set to a huge value. Not sure how, I didn’t set it (at least not intentionally) but now it is back to normal once adjusting those values.

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That’s definitely a bug, if we can figure out how to reproduce it we can fix it. If you feel up for it, please file an issue about this and attach the original (5.x version) design

@craftyjon - Will do. Let me try a couple more things to see if I can figure out how to reproduce.

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