Recommended Pre 5.1.7 Testing Build

The 5.1 branch has been very busy recently.
After several days of upheaval, I can recommend this release as solid:


Something is wrong with the build system, nothing up since:
There was a commit yesterday, paging @GyrosGeier

Mh, it is stuck asking for a username for pulling. WTF.

I think there’s some expected downtime in the server, should be back later.

EDIT: I take this back, it’s different date.

This is due to pulling source from GitLab instead of Launchpad?

Yes, there was an error in the test substitution for the i18n repo URL. GitLab asks for username and password for anything that is not a public repo, so people cannot use error messages to find out which non-public repos exist, so git was asking for a user name to log in, hanging until cancelled.

Is it OK to use this release

It seems ok
Beware that it includes the latest commit, which reverts a Python feature commit

what do you mean by “reverts a Python commit”

The last commit removed a previous commit a few weeks ago, which ISTR, was to do with Python processing of some extra fields. The original commit must have been for a reason, so presumably a minor bug has been resurrected. It was removed because the fix broke something else.

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seems OK.
This one fixes the European locale comma issue with Python and QR code generation