Receive notifications on this forum but I have nothing new. What is going on?

For the past 2-3 weeks, I often see notifications (blue circle up by my avatar) and it points to a message from a couple of years ago. Why is this? Bug in this forum?


Check if there’s a heart next to it. Then it’s a “Like”.

There, I just sent you one.

Thanks, no it is a circle but nothing there now. (I think I did have a (1) on my Chrome sheet tab. I will try to take screen shots the next time this issue crops up.

Thank you.
I am referring to this which I see any time a new forum post is directed to me:
Blue circle next to my avatar.

Recently often when I get that clicking on the blue circle takes me to something a year or more old.

But yes I also see this, which view I am not accustomed to:

There are also notification settings in Preferences (to the right of Notifications in your above screen grab).

Could it be that a new post was added, then deleted?

Thanks. I suppose that is possible. But why would this have happened maybe 5 times only in the last couple of weeks?

Of course this is not a big problem. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced similar. And if so, might there be a bug in the forum itself, or something to learn about how it is working…?? Anyway it has not repeated since I reported it.

I don’t notice it as much hear as on another forum. I think most of the time it is a like but the layout makes you believe it is a post.

OK it happened now!!!

I had the blue circle at my avatar again. When I click on my avatar I see this:


The top link takes me to:



Sep 2021

From September 2021. This is > 2 years old.

After checking out that one, I see this at the top of my list:

Maybe the forum is suffering from long COVID? :wink:

Well anyway I have a bunch of old posts mixed in with the new ones I see when I click on my avatar. Those posts are out of date or out of (fig or some other fruit.) :expressionless:

I think if you don’t click on an item it remains with the blue circle with number of ‘new’. Notice the top item doesn’t have a blue circle and number? So, you get a new like and your account alerts. Top item is still there but not relevant.

OK thanks.

I guess I will need to try a bit of record-keeping to see whether anything re-appears at any time after clicking on it. But this never used to happen before 2-3 weeks ago.

I think I might try the dismiss button. How old does some of this crap in the list have to be?

OK. After hitting dismiss, the list now looks current.

Thanks again. I had not noticed the “dismiss” button. In response to your post, I hit it and some of the list seemed to go away. Now I no longer see a working “dismiss button”.

I guess I am baffled by some of the mechanics of this forum, but I like it MUCH better than eevblog (or eevblob for that matter.)

Hover over the greyed out “dismiss button” for the secret message. :wink:

Now I cannot see the button in any color, not even pink with purple polka dots.

When I scroll almost forever to the bottom I see a welcome message from Chris Gammel in July 2015.

You do not see this?

OK. Thanks. I got a red circle with a line through it, sort of like the Ghostbusters (is that a meme?). and it says to mark all unread as read. Maybe I can only see that if I am notified of something new. I cannot see that button again now in any color.


“Dismissing all” only deactivates the blue circle for past notifications you never bothered opening. It doesn’t remove the notification.