Rebuild Ratsnest button - what for?

I am learning KiCad (second PCB now). To use any tool you should understand it so…
In import netlist dialog box there is “Rebuild Ratsnest” button. I wonder what for is it. When I update PCB ratsnest is automatically rebuilded.
So: When it is needed to Rebuild Ratsnest without Updating PCB?

I’ve wondered and would like to know too. Maybe it’s for very fussy rats. :wink:

My guess is that some operations leave the ratsnest in some strange state so this button is there as an alternative to restarting kicad.

Pretty much this. We got better over time not breaking the ratsnest.

In the past, there was even a “redraw” menu entry.

It looks that only “Delete tracks shorting multiple nets” can be such operation as it is only one more option in Load netlist compared to Update PCB from schematic and in that second dialog box there is no Rebuild Ratsnest button. I don’t expect Test Footprints to manipulate with ratnest.

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