Re-read the sch after editing the sch text file

How do I re-load/re-read the schematic after I’ve changed something in the *.sch text file?

My assumption was that I could just change something like the Ref. Des. manually in a text file and that it would automatically show up in the schematic when re-opening it but it appears to load some kind of cashed version instead. When saving the schematic from the schematic editor the text file I edited is just overwritten.

Is this not possible or?

I don’t really know but Control L loads the schematic. Maybe that would pick up the changes?

Ctrl-E loads the schematic in my version but no, it loads it from cash somewhere when doing that.

On the (very rare) occasions when I modified the schematic file outside of EESchema, I always closed EESchema before making the changes, changed the file and saved it, then re-opened EESchema.


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I closed all KiCad windows before making the changes but the edited *.sch file was never re-read when opening KiCad and EESchema again.

That doesn’t seem correct.

Which KiCAD version, and O.S., are you running? I can speculate that it might be an O.S. problem rather than KiCAD per se, but I don’t really know - that would be a question for a developer, or at least a software person. To get a definite answer you may need to post a bug report at


In my version, there is more then one *.sch file…

You have to change the designator in the line that starts with F 0 " " as well as the first line of the component

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That solved it. Thx. Missed the second position.