Re-Name Feature Request?

It is not uncommon to have an “internal” name for a project prior to external release.

I think that it might be really nice if there was another “Archive” selection that was “Archive and ReName”.

During the process, all of the important files could be renamed with this feature without requiring the user to figure out which files are important and also having to rename them all manually.

It could also create a new sub-folder with the new name; or whatever location method is preferred by the users.

And, include the NEW creation as the TOP selection in the “Open Recent” selection.

What are your opinions before I actually create a GitHub account and submit this request?


All kicad project files are simple text files and are very suitable for managing in a versioning system of your choice. For instance you can use git/svn or my current favourite, fossil, to maintain as many versions as you want, tagging, tracking and versioning and keeping a record of changes allowing you to go back to a previous version. Personally I found svn easier to get my head around but git is very capable. Fossil is quite interesting as it facilitates notes and wiki, is very easy to install and can runs its own lightweight web server so not just command line driven.that being said, there are plenty of git / svn gui clients too.
Not sure that building this into kicad would add anything that is not already available in a more complete and mature form.

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Embarrassing internal names - been there and done that too.
A sensible wish list item

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It seems like could be quite easily done with a script, or even a batch/shell file.

This sounds very similar to a user who wants to start a new project based on an existing project (i.e., making a revised version of an existing board, while leaving the existing design files intact). I will suggest that the menu name “Clone Current Project” be used.

Well, yeah, it probably could. Scanning through the Forum I see many mentions of useful scripts, or suggestions where a script/batch file could be created. For a moment I’ll set aside the idea that many of us are circuit designers and layout guys by vocation, and our attempts at programming are inefficient, amateurish, fumblings. I’m still left with a sizable stack of scripts and batch files: a proposed script to clone a project; scripts to accurately import *.dxf files; scripts to manage component annotation; scripts to generate a BOM; etc, etc. I don’t see a centralized way to manage, document, maintain, and catalog all those scripts. If these scripted tasks have merit and broad-based usefulness - and I believe many of them do, even if I personally have no current use for such a script - then can we start thinking of scripts as a stop-gap measure until the tasks become integrated into the regular KiCAD programs? Or, can we have a more comprehensive, formalized way to “extend” KiCAD’s capabilities via scripts and batch files.


Yeah, I slightly forgot not everyone is a command line guru :slight_smile:

It would be nice to have a tool plugin/setup for KiCad, at least for running external tools. A script can be written far quicker than the release cycle of KiCad, assuming even wishlist items ever get added to KiCad.

I’m often cloning projects, so I might even write the script :slight_smile:


The traditional way would be to have a ‘save as’ option.

Which what I use for project reports that go to a client for approval / comments. You then up the revision and work from that. Which then allows you to go back to see what the changes were if there is a case of ‘he said, she said’. Also a good reason to be able to archive the whole project including revision history, for however years down the line where it may be investigated.

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Linux terminal bash

~$ for FILE in oldname* ; do NEWFILE=` echo $FILE | sed ‘s/oldname/newname/g’` ; mv $FILE $NEWFILE ; done

All in one line.

Why didn’t I think of that…:smiley: Would make more sense like that. There is already code in KiCad to rename project files which is used when creating a project from a template, so either way it seems like an easy mod.

Try using \ to escape special characters like `, _ and <


As of now, the main KiCAD program doesn’t have a project-wide “Save As” menu item.

When I think of cloning a project, especially for a revision, it’s a bit more involved than simply copying the project folder. As already mentioned, you’ll probably want to change the file names within the folder. Temporary work files, and backup files, would probably not get copied. Pathnames in some of the KiCAD files should be changed to reflect the fact that the new project is living in a different location. I don’t think KiCAD keeps anything like a Log file but if it did, the contents would probably get purged and replaced by a new entry such as "Cloned from project " . . . . “, yyyymmdd”. My project folders tend to accumulate datasheets, spreadsheet and simulation files, notes to myself, etc, and I probably wouldn’t want to carry these into a revised project. If I was dreaming in living color, the “Clone” function would include an option to modify the title, drawing number, date, and revision level of the cloned documents.


While I understand the desire, I don’t suggest KiCad become its own version control system (even VCS Lite). To support those who aren’t command line users, an interface to a script is perhaps justified along with a default bash script to perform a primitive “Save As”. This would comfort the afflicted without afflicting the comfortable.