Re-generating the same pcb stage from a copy of schematic stage

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This is my first post in the forum.

I am using Kicad Ver. 7 in a linux pc (LM).

I have created 2 sheets in the root page:

The one on the left is a step motor controller and the one on the right is an ESP32 based stage.

I have designed the pcb but i still need to add 2 more motor controllers.

  1. One way to do it is to copy/paste the motor controller stage in the pcb and paste as many times as i want. This however creates copies of the trace nets which is not what i want.
  2. Another way is to copy/paste the motor controller hierarchical sheet in the schematic one more time and then reflect the new components in the pcb. In this way i will have to manually move all the parts to the exact same positions, draw the exact traces, silkscreen etc which could take at least one day without considering any mistakes.

Is there a way to automate this procedure by creating the same pcb stage in the pcb that already contains the motor controller that was manually designed?

I basically need to have 3 motor controller stages in the final pcb. I have designed the first by hand. Can the next 2 be auto-created?

Thanks in advance.


Replicate Layout plugin.

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Thanks a lot - god bless!