Re: Antipad inner layer in kicad6 kind solved in kicad7

I had the question Antipad inner layer in kicad6? for the antipad.
In kicad7, it seems partially solved.
In the footprint editor, I can add keepout zone, but there only allow me choose inner layers.
The inner layers means all the inner layers
use editor open the file, you will find
(zone (net 0) (net_name “”) (layers “In1.Cu” “In2.Cu” “In3.Cu” “In4.Cu” “In5.Cu” “In6.Cu” “In7.Cu” “In8.Cu” “In9.Cu” “In10.Cu” “In11.Cu” “In12.Cu” “In13.Cu” “In14.Cu” “In15.Cu” “In16.Cu” “In17.Cu” “In18.Cu” “In19.Cu” “In20.Cu” “In21.Cu” “In22.Cu” “In23.Cu” “In24.Cu” “In25.Cu” “In26.Cu” “In27.Cu” “In28.Cu” “In29.Cu” “In30.Cu”) (tstamp 2bc3194d-03d2-48d1-a7e0-726e02ccde51) (hatch edge 0.5)

If I add this in the layout, it will really cut all the layers.
But I can edit the footprint file, only leave the “in1.Cu” in there, and remove all the other layers.
(zone (net 0) (net_name “”) (layers “In1.Cu”) (tstamp 2bc3194d-03d2-48d1-a7e0-726e02ccde51) (hatch edge 0.5)

then I can use this footprint, that seems generate the right keepout only on the layer direct under the surface (top/bottom)

But if whenever I save the file in the footprint editor, it will automatically save back to all the inner layers.

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